Star Brite Premium Marine Polish With PTEF

Shine and protect acres of fiberglass.

Star Brite Premium Marine Polish With PTEF

This is one test I didn't have to study for. I have been using Premium Marine Polish with PTEF ( for a number of years to shine and protect the acres of fiberglass inside the cockpit of my Regulator center console. Breakaway gets fished hard, and Premium Marine Polish with PTEF has proved its ability to form a super-slick coating that allows me to wash off the nastiest of fish blood, gurry and regurgitated bait with relative ease. So, while I didn't study, I did do my homework.

Also, the shine lasts longer than that of any other liquid polish I’ve used, and it does a great job removing stains and those scuffs that come from collisions with metal, like a mishandled net handle or gaff.

Application is dead simple: Wipe it on, wait for it to haze, and then wipe it off. It’s easy enough to do by hand, which makes it great for those narrow areas between trim and a surface edge, like between the gauges at the helm and along the areas around the nonskid atop the gunwale.

Available in 16- and 32-ounce bottles ($29/$38;