Boating Made Easy

Volvo Penta is committed to making boating easy.

December 8, 2020
Family on the swim platform
Volvo Penta makes boating easy with refined technology, evidenced by innovations such as joystick control, Forward Drive and more that allow you to focus on family and friends. Courtesy Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta is a company with a vision. They call it “easy boating,” and the goal is to eliminate hassles so you can spend more quality time on your boat with your family and friends.

It starts with reliable performance.

Volvo Penta’s current lineup of sterndrives uses modern all-aluminum, high-performance General Motors engine blocks. They are built to the highest automotive quality standards, and with freshwater closed-loop cooling, they will give you years of dependable service in salt or fresh water. Volvo Penta is so confident about the reliability of its modern sterndrives that it offers five years of factory protection.


When it comes to maintenance, Volvo Penta’s sterndrives are designed with all service points conveniently located on the front of the engine for easy accessibility.

And, of course, sterndrives give you a generous clean transom for swimming, fishing, sunbathing or tow sports, and a clear view so you can have an overall safer experience.

Joystick system on a boat
Things like joystick docking are just one part of a larger plan to make boating more accessible and fun. Courtesy Volvo Penta

Little Things Mean a Lot

It is not just about big advances. Volvo Penta also pays attention to the little details that add up to a better boating experience. These features include the exclusive Easy Drain function, which lets you drain the raw water without hauling the boat out of the water.


Or Volvo Penta’s exclusive joystick docking and Glass Cockpit touchscreen display system.

Or Volvo Penta Speed Control, which automatically adjusts the throttle to maintain constant speed during load changes so the operator can concentrate on having fun.

Or the Easy Connect smartphone app that lets you keep tabs on the boat and its systems from your armchair at home.


Not to mention the new Silent Shift clutch that eliminates the annoying clunk when shifting in and out of gear.

Volvo Penta Forward Drive
Currently, 13 American boat companies offer Forward Drive on over 50 models of new boats. Courtesy Volvo Penta


In 2015, Volvo Penta rocked the boating industry with its revolutionary Forward Drive, with forward-facing dual contra-rotating props that pull the boat through the water rather than pushing it.

Forward Drive was an immediate hit, especially for the popular sport of wakesurfing. With Forward Drive, boatbuilders are able to design flexible all-around multipurpose boats that can be optimized to make that perfect wave for wakesurfing, but are also perfect for swimming, fishing, diving, cruising and picnicking with family and friends.


Currently, 13 American boat companies offer Forward Drive on over 50 models of new boats. One of them is Avalon, which introduced the first-ever pontoon boat model with Forward Drive last year.