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Boating Roundtable: Formula Boats 500 SSC

In this edition of Boating Roundtable, Boating Editor Kevin Falvey interviews Formula Boats’ R&D Manager Danny Porter and Operations Manager Pat Laux, focusing on the 500 Super Sport Crossover.

The Boating Roundtable series gives you a peek behind the curtain of and puts faces and names to some of your favorite marine manufacturers and boat builders. In this episode, Boating editors sit down with Formula Boats to talk about the super-secret lead up to the release of the highly anticipated Formula 500 Super Sport Crossover (SSC).

With revolutionary all-new quad Mercury V12, 600 horsepower Verado outboards, this is the highest horsepower Formula to date. Not only does this bowrider go fast, it’s built to entertain with a gorgeous, open salon area featuring two AC/heated units that can be fully enclosed, or opened to the elements via a 10-foot wide sunroof.

Want to learn even more about this boat? Check out this article, or visit Formula Boats’ website for more information.