Sea-Doo Introduces the 2021 RXP-X 300 PWC

Sea-Doo’s new line of PWC is introduced today.

Sea-Doo today introduced an all-new version of its flagship high-performance model, the RXP-X 300. Highlights include a new hull design. Dubbed T3-R, a nod to a race-influenced version of the “tight-turning, T-shape” design that defined the previous model, the hull features a more dramatic, deeper-V that promises to slice through choppy waters with more precision as well as provide greater stability at high-speeds. The latter trait should give the craft broader appeal with performance-minded recreational riders as well as the hardcore performance crowd. A new “shark gill” feature has also been introduced to regulate air flow below the surface for greater control at speed. The craft also accelerates more aggressively than before, in part thanks to a 67-pound weight reduction.

As to ergonomics, the RXP-X already boasted Sea-Doo’s ErgoLock system, consisting of an hourglass-shaped saddle and canted footwell chocks that allowed riders to better use their legs for leverage in tighter turns. That saddle now features even deeper knee pockets, as well as a tacky, textured surface to keep riders from sliding in the saddle. More support comes via a movable rear bolster. It can be positioned as much as 5 inches forward or back to match the rider’s physical size or preference.

Additional improvements for 2021 include expanded storage capacity, the addition of the brand’s popular LinQ accessory system and an optional 100-watt Bluetooth sound system. There’s also an add-on saddle. Recognizing that even a performance model is often used for recreational riding, an optional quick-connect rear seat is now available, transforming this previously solo craft into a two-passenger model.

Look for in-depth reviews soon in Boating Magazine.