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Sharrow Propellers Video Series: Part Three - Sales and Service

The editors of Boating interview the inventor of Sharrow Propellers about how to buy and service your Sharrow prop.

Propellers rank as one of the least understood boating components. But, propellers serve the most important purpose (besides floating) for powerboats: without a prop, the boat just doesn’t go! Choosing the right propeller for your boat can make a big difference in how your boat handles and performs.

Sharrow Propellers deliver performance—and looks—that challenge conventional assertions about boat propellers. Where can you buy a Sharrow prop? How do you size these uniquely-designed boat propellers? What if you need to get a Sharrow propeller serviced? Get the answers to those questions, and more, as Boating editors interview the inventor of Sharrow Propellers, and President of Sharrow Marine, Greg Sharrow in the final part of this three-part series!