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Sharrow Propellers Video Series: Part Two - Design

The editors of Boating interview the inventor of Sharrow Propellers about the design of the latest propeller design, now available to boaters: Sharrow Propellers.

Propellers rank as one of the least understood boating components. But, propellers serve the most important purpose (besides floating) for powerboats: without a prop, the boat just doesn’t go! Choosing the right propeller for your boat can make a big difference in how your boat handles and performs.

Sharrow Propellers represent a radically new propeller design. These exotic looking props may challenge some assumptions knowledgeable boaters hold about boat propellers. They have no blade tips, for one thing, and there are many other interesting features of the design. These Sharrow props may also deliver the kind of performance some boaters have been unable to achieve.

In this video, learn about the conception and design of Sharrow Propellers as Boating editors discuss the new propeller with the creator. Part Two of a three-part video series.