KICKER Marine Audio KMC5

The KMC5 is easy to read and packs a lot of power.

October 15, 2020

New head units’ anti-glare LCD screens enhance visibility, even in bright sunlight. For radio lovers who want to listen to a game, a fishing show or their favorite talk or music station, the Auto-Present System (APS) finds the strongest local signal in the area for AM and FM radio. The head units also provide for Bluetooth streaming up to 30 feet.

All-weather head units pack over 200 watts of peak power into four channels and include USB charging and thumb drive playback. Add an amp to maximize full-range RCA output from the four-channel speaker system.

KICKER Marine Audio KMC5
KICKER Marine Audio KMC5 Courtesy Kicker Marine

KMC5Premium Marine Media Centers


This 240-watt, 6-channel unit is top watercraft choice, featuring:

Color, non-glare LCD screen; RCA output for front and rear subwoofer and a second zone; Bluetooth; four sets of RCA output for easy expansion; AUX RCA input; USB charging; thumb-drive playback and camera/video input with a trigger wire or push button. The video acts as a back-up camera or for watching your skiers or riders. Power up to 12 speakers at 2-Ohm stable power with this 6-channel unit. NMEA 2000 compatible, works with other instruments, including AM/FM/weather-band and Sirius XM.

Top features:

  • Non-glare, color LCD screen.
  • Powers up to 12 speakers at Two-Ohm stable power
  • Video/camera input with trigger wire or push button

Price: $549.95