Testing the Mustang Young Adult Rev Life Jacket

We test Mustang’s new life jacket for young adults.

Mustang's Young Adult REV Life Jacket offers flexibility, freedom of movement and comfort.Courtesy Mustang

As my granddaughter, Mila, outgrew her old life jacket, we searched for a new one that would fit her properly and had the styling a 10-year-old might like. We picked the US Coast Guard-approved Mustang Young Adult REV, model MV3600. This Type III vest is for weights of 88 to 100 pounds and chest sizes from 28 to 32 inches. The soft foam panels offer flexibility, freedom of movement and comfort, and beveled edges prevent cutting in under the arms. A ventilated back provides breathability, and the liner wicks moisture away. A zipper closure and adjustable web straps snug up for security. The bright-white-and-pink upper (with black lower) seems to be in style, and it stands out in the water. It’s also available in a light-gray-and-fluorescent-green upper. The front panel offers attachment points for gear such as a whistle. We tried it in the pool first, and it did a great job of keeping Mila afloat with her head out of the water. Just as importantly, she likes wearing it, which is a relief because California requires life jackets for kids under the age of 13. So, the REV not only ensures safety, it saves frustrating arguments with a 10-year-old. $79.99; mustangsurvival.com