Sun Print Racing to Livestream with 360fly from Sarasota Grand Prix

Sun Print Racing broadcasting a 360-degree offshore racing livestream from Sarasota Grand Prix.

Sun Print Racing to Livestream From Sarasota Grand PrixSun Print Racing

On July 2, Sun Print Racing will offer more than a bird's-eye view from its #51 Extreme 29 Super Vee when it will produce a 360-degree offshore racing livestream from the boat during the 33rd Annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix. This feat is made possible with technology provided by 360fly and the company's current flagship 4k 360-degree technology. The Sun Print Racing team is based out of New Port Richey, Florida, and is led by Steve Miklos, a pioneer of modern superboat racing. Miklos has earned multiple world championships, as well as a world kilo record, and is looking toward the future to establish a new way to reinvigorate what many would consider a dying sport, according to a release from Sun Print Racing. Viewers can watch the livestream on Facebook by visiting and can learn more about the team's adventures by visiting