Supreme S224 Wakesurfing Review

The S224 can pull a water skier one minute and then a wakesurfer the next.
Supreme S224
Length: 22’4″ | Beam: 95″ | Fuel Capacity: 43 gal. | Seating Capacity: 11 | Dry Weight: 3,650 lb. | More Information: Supreme Boats

All new for 2018, the S224 is built off the success of the multitalented S202. Add a couple more feet and you have a bigger boat that, like its little brother, can do a lot.

What You Get
The S224 can pull a water skier one minute and then a wakesurfer the next. It is a unique, midsize crossover boat. Being a smaller, narrower boat, the S224 requires more weight to get the wave to kick up, but don’t put it all in the bow. The S224 is a lighter boat, so your best bet is to fill the rear tanks and have friends sit in the back. With the help of internal ballast, QuickSurf and the center Stinger tab, the S224 puts up a clean, moderate wave.

Who It’s For
The S224 wave is great for families or groups who want to do a little bit of everything. The wave won’t compare to other wakesurf specific boats in the Supreme line, but if you want to ski, wakeboard and wakesurf, the S224 is a great option. The wave itself is great for beginning to intermediate riders because it is easy to surf and not intimidating, and with QuickSurf, you can easily transfer from side to side.


Our Favorite Things
Versatility. While this magazine and our tests are all about wakesurfing, there is so much more to having a boat than just riding the endless waves. We love doing it all, and you can do a lot with the S224.
SeeTouch Dash. The driver can easily access a variety of functions, even while driving.
The bow. Despite being a narrower boat, the S224 is very comfortable, especially the bow.

Supreme S224 +1 407-492-8774 1877 Karolina Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

Supreme S224 WBM

Our Surf Settings
Speed: 10.5
Crew: 5
Ballast: Rear Ballast Full, Bow Ballast Empty
User Settings: QuickSurf Engaged, ­Center Plate at Zero


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