Sylvan S5 Extreme

The S5 Extreme screams party above and performance below.

LOA: 26'10"
Beam: 8'6"
Dry Weight: 2,575 lb.
Seating/Weight Capacity: 14/2,650 lb.
Fuel Capacity: 30 gal.
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Sylvan’s S5 Extreme may scream party above, but it’s all performance below. That’s where you’ll find the company’s unique Revolutionary Planing Technology (RPT). It includes large, 27-inch tubes that eschew conventional roundness but rather resemble mini V-hulls, with welded keel and chines. In theory, an RPT should displace less water and thus produce more speed, even with less horsepower. Our test boat, outfitted with an additional center RPT tube and powered by a Yamaha F300 outboard, planed immediately, reached 30 mph in 6.4 seconds and peaked at 44.7 mph. It also displayed the type of snappy handling that will bring a smile to the face of almost any performance-minded captain.

That level of performance matched our test boat’s appearance. Thanks to its optional Extreme package, the S5 was dressed almost completely in black, from the fencing and anodized rails all the way down to the unique matte-black-painted pontoons. A bold, contrasting highlight was found in the sweeping fence accent stripe, available in either an electric blue or lime green. That accent color is carried to the interior as well, showing up as accent piping on the two-tone gray upholstery. Our test boat took the look one step further with a stylish, forward-swept wake tower that included an integrated Bimini top, light bar and speakers.

Though the S5 Extreme may look cutting-edge in appearance, it doesn’t ignore the pontoon boat basics within the fence confines. Here, a pair of matching 4-foot-8-inch-long bow lounges cradle multiple passengers in comfort. Opposite the 4-inch raised helm sits a matching captain’s chair. Move all the way aft and you’ll find a choice of rear-facing recliners built into stylish fiberglass modules. Each features a sculpted armrest in the inwale, a trio of lighted cup holders and wraparound padding should you choose to pack in some friends couch-style rather than stretch out solo. Want more? Check out the dual jump seats, located on the oversize swim platform.

Buyer's Spotlight
*Rear-facing recliners raise the bar for luxury.
*Revolutionary Planing Technology-shaped tubes include actual keel and chines.
*Swim platform has two jump seats.
*The PR25 package on our tester boasts a center tube with performance strakes, 60-gallon tank and a 25-inch transom for XL engines.
*This pontoon performed a top speed of nearly 45 mph.

Sylvan S5 Extreme

How We Tested
Engine: Yamaha F300
Prop: 15½" x 16" 3-blade stainless steel
Gear Ratio: 1.75:1
Fuel Load: 15 gal.
Crew Weight: 330 lb.

$65,695 (with test power and PR25 package)

Sylvan New Paris, Indiana; 866-766-9698;