Symphony Boat Company Launching All-Electric Boat

Six-1 Conductor built with Torqeedo and Lamboo Technologies.

The Symphony Boat Company is pleased to announce the integration with industry leaders Lamboo® Technologies and Torqeedo to create their first all-electric boat line. This spring, Symphony will debut the Six-1 Conductor powered 100% from a motor by the leader in electric propulsion Torqeedo and built with product from Lamboo Technologies, the world leading bio-based materials company specializing in performance grade, engineered bamboo for structural, architectural, and OEM applications.

Boat owners will enjoy the Six-1 Conductor’s quiet ride in speeds up to 27 miles an hour. Holding up to six adults, the boat will be a favorite among boaters who appreciate and surround themselves with sustainable design. The marriage of Torqeedo’s clean, powerful, leading Deep Blue technology and Lamboo’s performance grade bamboo hull, result in a boat with unmatched performance, beauty and sustainability.

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