Team Scarab and Torqeedo Pair, Impress

Electric outboards run at impressive speeds.


Torqeedo and Team Scarab unveiled a 17-foot sport boat with an 80 hp outboard that reportedly hits a top speed of nearly 40 mph at the Miami Boat Show. The KONA 17 was powered by a Torqeedo Deep Blue 80 hp outboard that produces 66 kW of peak electrical power with a pair of 13 kW lithium-ion batteries.

“It is by far the fastest serial-produced electric sport boat in its size, and is powered with a motor half the size of the competition,” said Larry Smith, Team Scarab designer and president. “The classic sport craft resurgence combined with Torqeedo’s propulsion system is a great pairing in both form and function for modern owners’ needs.”

The KONA 17 reportedly achieves a top speed of up to 38 mph, and cruises on plane with a range of more than 20 miles. For typical recreational usage, the KONA 17 can deliver one hour of planing time. At no-wake speeds, the run time exceeds four hours. Its lithium-ion battery pack can be topped off with twin on-board chargers and standard 110-220V AC, 30 amp shore power, for extended time on the water. The battery can be fully recharged in just over four hours from zero percent at the dock or at home from an unmodified wall outlet. A PowerFilm 42W solar panel charges the 12V AGM battery that energizes and runs all 12-volt DC house systems. Additionally, Torqeedo provides a nine-year, 80 percent capacity battery guarantee, providing years of carefree, economical cruising.

The 80 hp sport boat is a high-performance runabout with two bucket seats, ideal as a couple’s cruiser.

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