Three Ways To Boat Cleaner

Earth Day Reminds Us To Be Good Waterway Stewards

April 22, 2016

Today is Earth Day, which reminds me that is important that we take care to take care of the waters on which we boat. Here are some things we all can do to ensure cleaner waters, and a better future, for us, and for the generations to come.

Be Careful When Changing Oil Make every effort to capture old engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic fluid and more. Contact your municipality to find out how and where to dispose of these fluids properly. I find a five-gallon pail with a lid makes a good ” capture and storage” vessel prior to disposal. A funnel and old jugs works as well.

Oil Change Jug
A funnel and an old jug with a cap help make for clean capture of old oil and other fluids Photo by Kevin Falvey

ConsiderEarth-Friendly Products Many marine products makers offer water-based, or otherwise less-toxic, mixtures. Many of these products are no longer “new” and their effectiveness has now long been proven, by Boating’s own testing, and by the experience of others. Examples include bottom paints, soaps and cleaners. These environmentally-freindly products may not be right for every situation, but should be considered and evaluated for your use.

Pettit Hydrocoat ECO_1
Pettit’s Hydrocoat ECO is one example of an effective antifouling coating that is less harmful to the environment than some others Courtesy Pettit Paint

Don’t Discard Fishing Line Every angler gets a “bird’s nest” in his reel from time to time. But discarded monofilament kills marine life and biodegrades slower than uranium. ( Not to mention that it can ruin a gear case by cutting the seals when it gets wrapped around a prop and shaft.) Make sure to collect old or tangled line, and bring it ashore for disposal.

Bird's Nest In Fishing Reel
We all suffer tangles; let’s dispose of the discarded line properly and ashore Randy Vance

Takeaway We lead by example.


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