Top Boating New Year’s Resolutions

10 New Year's resolutions that will help make you a better boater.

Top Boating New Year's Resolutions

This skipper isn’t just going slow - the boat’s wake is minimal.

Just so everybody realizes I am not preaching, I want it understood that I have been guilty of each of the offenses these boating resolutions address at least once. I am a firm believer in the power of positive expectation for self, and others. Happy New Year.

1. I resolve to slow down so as to reduce my wake, and not damage the shoreline or my fellow boater's vessels. Its not enough to just observe the posted speed limit.

2. I resolve to tie my boat up with care, whether for the long-term at the marina, or just briefly at the fuel dock or a waterside eatery. If my boat gets loose it can damage my fellow boater's boats.

3. I resolve to have my boat prepared to launch before I back down the ramp. I do not want to keep my fellow boater's waiting while I fiddle and fuss with things that should have been done beforehand.

4. I resolve to acknowledge that the "15-minute Tie-up Limit" applies to me. My fellow boater's also need a chance to use the head, dump their trash or grab some supplies.

5. I resolve to shut down my engines when in a canal lock. There is no reason to smoke out my fellow boaters as we descend from one level to the next.

6. I resolve to not drink alcohol while operating a boat. My fellow boaters, as well as my own crew, count on me to be my sharpest and on the ball.

7. I resolve to conduct a man overboard drill with my regular crew.

8. I resolve to conduct an abandon ship drill with my regular crew.

9. I resolve to bring at least one non-boater boating.

10. I resolve to wear my life jacket more often.

Takeaway: I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's. —Henry Moore