Top Five Reasons To Sell or Trade-In Your Boat In Fall

Many savvy buyers choose to shop in fall. Here are five reasons why.

Many people think springtime means boat buying season. With the warming weather urging boaters to get out on the water, they are correct. But savvy boaters looking to move to another boat, know not to wait until spring to sell or trade-in their current boat. Here's five reasons why, with respect to selling or trading-in a boat, its all about the fall.

Savvy boat sellers know fall is a season ripe with boat buyers, as these crowded docks at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show prove.Courtesy Show Management
  1. If you sell or trade in during fall, you avoid both the cost of winter storage and the cost of winterizing your engine(s) and onboard water systems.

  2. If you wait to sell or trade-in your boat in spring, it will technically be a year older, and thus, worth less. Plus, price increases on new boats will likely have taken effect.

  3. Dealers often have great deals on "leftover" boats in the fall; and with showroom traffic winding down, a dealer's willingness to haggle may be increased. Selling or trading your current boat in fall, frees you up to take advantage of those opportunities.

  4. Fall boat shows often offer solid boat and marine engine manufacturer incentives that those divested of a boat can take advantage of. If you are still saddled with your current boat, you may not be in a position to ( or have the desire to) purchase a boat and get these deals.

  5. If you buy a new --or new to you--boat in fall, you'll be ready to chase down fish, swerve through a slalom course, wakesurf or simply enjoy the sunset afloat as soon as the weather breaks in spring.

Takeaway: Boaters in warm locales, without cold winters, still often have access to an entirely new and affluent market for their boat in fall: the so-called " snowbird" second-home owners, many of whom are seeking a boat to enjoy during the months ahead at their warm, winter retreat.