The Top Ten Reasons Boaters Call Sea Tow

Avoid a tow by learning from the mistakes of other boaters.


August 16, 2017
The Top Ten Reasons Boaters Call Sea Tow

Reasons Boaters Call Sea Tow

Celebrating 30 years, Sea Tow provides a range of services to boaters beyond towing. Sea Tow

If you’ve been boating as long as we have, then you surely remember the days when Coast Guard would provide non-emergency towing and assistance services to boaters on the water. In 1982, they stopped that practice, deploying their resources and expertise only for true boating emergencies. (Running aground in 3 feet of water may be serious, but it’s generally not life-threatening).

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Nowadays, most boaters instantly recognize the yellow boats that comprise the Sea Tow. This year, the company celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Started by Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer as a one-man, one-boat towing and salvage operation in Southold, NY, Sea Tow now has 100 franchisees serving boaters worldwide.


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So just why do boaters call Sea Tow? Here are the top ten reasons, from Capt. Joe himself.

•”The engine is overheating and we need a tow home!”
•”We lost our steering and need a tow back to the dock.” (Sea Tow locations receive many calls prompted by mechanical failures onboard.)
•”Our boat sank at the dock and we need you to raise it.” (Salvage and recovery are among Sea Tow’s many services.)
•”Our engine ‘died’ because of some bad fuel or ethanol that caused damage to the fuel system.”
•”I’ve run out of gas!” (Or, “I need engine oil!”) “Could you please bring it out to me?”
•”The battery died from having our radio on too long. Can we get a jumpstart?”
•”I need some help navigating a tricky spot out on the water,” or, “I need a vessel escort.”
•”We ran aground on a sandbar.”
•”I need to be towed to a repair facility from our home dock.”
•”We ran over some line and it got tangled in the prop.”
…And the number one reason people call Sea Tow:
•”I want to join!”


Boaters understand how expensive on-water assistance services can be without a Sea Tow membership, so they want to be prepared and serviced first if they need help on the water.

Takeaway: If you run your boat aground, make sure to check the hull and fittings for leaks before getting off. It’s better to be stuck than sunk.


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