Get to Know Ashley Kidd

Our watersports expert goes hiking with wakesurfing legend Ashley Kidd.

Ashley Kidd wakesurfing
Ashley Kidd is a multiple winner of the USA Wakesurf Nationals and the World Wakesurfing Championship. Courtesy Ashley Kidd

I live in Hawaii and, by chance, wakesurfing queen Ashley Kidd was cruising through Kauai on the day I flew home from an assignment.

We met up at the head of the Waipoo Falls trail on top of Mount Waialeale. We had the sunset, the waterfall and the majestic hike all to ourselves. Surprised, I learned that before Kidd became a wakesurfing pioneer, she’d started out wakeboarding but was afraid of crashing. She transitioned to the new sport of wakesurfing over a decade ago. Since then, she’s won 10 USA Wakesurf Nationals and the World Wakesurfing Championship five times. Here’s what else I learned.

How did you get into the sport of wakesurfing?

I started wakesurfing when I was 15. My brother was wakesurfing out on the boat and -convinced me to try it. As soon as I got up on the board, I was completely hooked! 


What’s been your secret for followers on Instagram?

I like to post videos that I think are cool and pictures that represent my lifestyle. The followers have naturally come over time.

What’s the best wake you have ever wakesurfed?

I absolutely loved my Centurion 2020 Fi25! I had the wake dialed. I will be getting my new boat very soon (another Centurion Fi25), and I am sure it will be my new fave wake. They always seem to get better.

Outhiking in Hawaii with Ashley Kidd
Hiking on Mount Waialeale. Courtesy Ashley Kidd

What’s on tap for this year?

I will be traveling a bunch for teaching lessons and competitions. I will also be focusing on my social media and getting some more content out there.


How often do you practice?

In the summertime, I practice four to five days a week.

Who are your sponsors?

Centurion Boats, Connelly, Roswell, Blenders Eyewear, FitAid and Lake Hop.

What about your dog? Does she like going in the boat?

Bailey absolutely loves the boat! I take her out on it every time I go. She has been going out on the boat since she was six weeks old and seems to love it just as much as I do.


Who do you look up to?

I have always looked up to my brother. He has zero fear of anything and has always lived a very positive, healthy lifestyle. He is also the person who got me to try wakesurfing, so I trust him if he tells me to try something or gives me advice. He seems to know best.

Any advice for new, up-and-coming wakesurfers?

Always have fun! Even if you are falling or not landing a trick, just remember how fun wakesurfing is. Also, if you don’t land a trick, it doesn’t mean you never will.


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