Important Tow-Sports Hand Signals

Four important tow-sports hand signals to learn.

June 19, 2013

For safety’s sake, it’s imperative that your tubing crew agree upon a set of hand signals, like those used by water-skiers. Wildly waving outstretched arms, as above, could mean anything. Learn and use the proper hand signals when you’re participating in towed water-sports activities.

Hold Thumb Down
“Too fast for me. Slow down.” Making the tuber feel comfortable maximizes safety and enjoyment.

Hold Thumb Up
“Go faster.” Only to a point though; tubes should not be towed at high speeds.


Pat Top of Head
“I’m ready to quit.” Slow down to idle speed, turn, and prepare your crew to retrieve the rider and tube from the water.

Clasp Hands Above Head
“I’m OK.” Following a wipeout, this is good info to know since it avoids unnecessary retrievals.


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