We Test: Star brite Reggae Mop

Wet or dry, the Reggae Mop is a versatile tool.

Star brite’s Reggae Mop proved to be a useful cleaning tool.Courtesy Star brite

This is the most absorbent mop I’ve used. There are two tasks specific to my boat for which Star brite’s Reggae Mop proves ideally suited. It makes soaking up the last bit of water, that which the macerator pump cannot get, a job I can do using a mop handle and while standing up instead of lying on the cockpit and reaching down with a rag or sponge. Second, the shoreline near my dock is heavily treed. In the spring, my boat turns green with a thick coating of pollen. Used dry, the Reggae Mop works great as a dust collector, and though I could use the hose for the task, dusting allows me to ­depollen and then go boating without having to dry the leaning post or suffer drips from the hardtop. Did I mention its super-soft, super-absorbent, nonscratching fronds are great for quickly soaking up dew or drying off the boat after washing?

The Reggae Mop fits Star brite Extend-A-Brush handles utilizing a push-button connector built into the mop. If you don’t have a Star brite pole, an adapter ($9.29) is available to use the Reggae Mop with poles that have the push button. $29; walmart.com