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Wellcraft 352 Fisherman

The Wellcraft 352 Fisherman blends luxury with fishability.

The highly-anticipated 352 Fisherman from Wellcraft unquestionably takes Center Console boating to the next level. Her protocol demands luxury, promises performance, and when it comes to hunting big game, there’s no doubt that she’s the alpha.

Up front, the 352F Center Console reveals a masterful approach to high-class amenity often reserved for open-bow Cruisers. A large cooler, bow rails, floor storage, and oversized seating with coaming pads nestle below an extra-wide deck containing a thru-stem anchor roller and standard windlass. Further seating and storage are located forefront of the console; chaise lounge seating for two coupled with inset drink holders appease the desire for first-class arrangements. Inside the lounge employs a 28-gallon cooler, ideal for appetizers and beverages, which families will love. Additional amenities available include a wood table, fill-in cushions, removable backrests, mat flooring, and a massive sail shade. Such development towards luxury endorses why Wellcraft vessels are as comfortable as they are durable, in any weather condition.

At center stage, the 352 Fisherman delivers what luxury boaters and fishers both crave for endless exploration: sleeping accommodation. Spacious for its size, boaters will notice extra space during entry, on behalf of a swinging windshield, alongside 73" of headroom in the washroom and 18" of clearance within the suite when venturing the cabin. Features are also in abundance and deliver much more than expected: this one-stop-shop for leisure and necessity supplies a vanity with sink and mirror, bamboo flooring, rod storage, access to electronics, and a sliding cushion that transforms the relaxation nook into full-width sleeping. Adjacent the console, anglers will find plenty of space for their gear and haul. Two macerated and insulated fish boxes (80gal) rest on both sides of the console, while storage boxes and rod racks lay into the boat’s inwale. Rod capacity also goes as far as possible: 11 drained holders are located throughout the boat, four of which are rod/cup holder combos. In addition, the T-top presents six rocket launchers and two, kingfish holders.

Aft the cockpit takes family opportunity and fishing very seriously as outfitting for unmatched experiences is what Wellcraft strives to provide. Three-drawer tackle storage to starboard neighboring a tool holder contributes to the cutting station, while the insulated aquarium baitwell (35gal) is a definite showcase for excitement. Towards the stern, a value in elegance is evident: folding seats, a dive door, an 8-gallon sink, and 32-gallon fish box with optional chiller plate ensure that everything boaters need is taken care of.

It’s simple; with an assurance for luxury in one hand and a soul for fishing in the other, Wellcraft has harnessed the potential for design and offered a vessel that any family can journey in—a courtesy that will never go out of style. With this in mind, it’s obvious that whatever you need the 352F to be, she is. And whatever you expect her to do, she does; and she does it well.