What Boaters Say Winner September 2013

Is a bunk trailer really better?

What Boaters Say Winner September 2013

As Boating's September 2013 What Boaters Say winner, Peter Maxson won himself an Optronics spotlight from Bass Pro Shops. In response to the question, "Do you prefer roller or bunk trailers and why?" Peter submitted a captioned photo indicating that a bunk trailer provides superior support for the boat.

What can we learn from this month’s entry? It’s a good time to consider your trailer needs. Ultimately, we agree with Maxson: bunks can provide better support. But consider that you can purchase different trailers with different amounts of rollers. With a 48 roller trailer, there’s not too much lack of support going on. And a roller trailer allows you to launch from ramps with a shallow incline—even straight from a beach or bank. Tough to do those things with a bunk trailer.

Of course a bunk trailer requires less maintenance. Or at least that is what some say. But if you have to submerge your trailer and your tow vehicle’s rear wheels, as you do with many bunk trailers, your overall maintenance is going to rise, especially if you boat in saltwater.

Maybe a trailer with keel rollers and side bunks is best? What do you think? Please comment below. After all, this is, What Boaters Say.

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