Xtratuf Men's Riptide Water Shoe

We Test These Water Shoes

Xtratuf are, perhaps, best known for their rugged fishing boots. But they make a range of footwear, including these Riptide water shoes we tested.

Xtraftuf RiptideXtratuf

We found the Riptide light and comfortable to wear while paddling and while wading at a beach composed in part of sharp broken shells. They provided excellent grip aboard our SUP and transitioned well to temporary street use when we paddled ashore and walked up the street to find a place to eat.

They are not good all-day street shoes; if it rains at all, your feet will get wet. But, that is because they have such excellent drainage. While kayaking, paddling the SUP and beachcombing, Xtratuf Riptide water shoes drained and dried very quickly. We also liked that tehy were fast and easy to put on or to take off, especially compared to other water shoes we have tested.

Here's the list of features, for you spec hounds:

Price: $79.99, xtratuf.com