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The runabout may evince the boating lifestyle more than other types of boat. First off, let’s settle the, “Runabout versus Bowrider,” debate. Typically a runabout is an open boat, but it may have a flush-deck cuddy cabin–and is sometimes known as a sport boat in that configuration. Of course there are open day boats exceeding 50-feet in length, but here at Boating we define runabout boats, loosely, as under about 25 feet or so. A runabout boat is easily trailerable, yet many runabout owners keep their boats in a slip or on a mooring. Runabouts prove simple, affordable craft aboard which a family can fish, waterski and tour the lake or bay. Those looking to buy the best runabout boats have come to the right place. Boating’s Certified Boat Tests include performance data, cruising boat pricing-current at date of publication-and detailed descriptions of layout and features. Best of all, our experienced editors, the world’s foremost powerboat experts, deliver insightful commentary, including providing a comparison boat that will help you better understand where the test boat fits in the marketplace.

Featured Runabout and Bowrider Boats

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Featured Runabout and Bowrider Boats

Burnham running on the lake

Grand Craft Burnham

The Burnham is a new wooden boat that blends classic lines with modern building techniques and propulsion.

Scarab 165 ID running

2023 Scarab 165 ID

Drop 300 hp into a 15-foot runabout and you’ve got a whole lot of fun on your hands.