Coast Guard training for rescuing a crewmember overboard

How to Get a Man Overboard Back Aboard

This is a dead-serious problem for which we can offer no easy answer.

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Our editors have teamed up with the experts at Imtra to bring you advice on how to make the most of important marine accessories and when to consider them.

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Boats and Engines

boston whaler 350

Fishing Boats

While as many fishing boats today use outboard power as diesel inboard engines, and outriggers aren’t made from bamboo any more, we still provide the best fishing boat reviews for angling boaters.

Barletta pontoon boat

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon Boats now come in such a wide variety of styles and are built with an equally wide variety of activities in mind. What’s the best pontoon boat for you?

tiara fishing boat.

Runabout Boats

Typically a runabout is an open boat, but it may have a flush-deck cuddy cabin--and is sometimes known as a sport boat in that configuration.

the 2021 boat buyers guide

Watersport Boats

Whether you and your crew waterski, wakeboard wakesurf-or all three-here you’ll find the widest variety of watersports boats.


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