2024 Pontoon Boat Buyers Guide

2024 Pontoon Boat Buyers Guide

Boating Magazine is thrilled to announce the arrival of another edition of our electrifying Pontoon Boat Buyers Guide! It’s time to dive into the world of pontoon boats and discover the newest, hottest rides hitting the waves.

Hold onto your captain’s hats as we unveil boat reviews packed with everything you need to know – from pricing and specs to speeds and fuel burn! Plus, feast your eyes on captivating pictures, immersive walkthrough videos, and much more!

Whether you’re a seasoned boat owner or a newbie to the boating scene, get ready to ride the wave of evolution! Pontoon boats are reigning supreme as one of the hottest-selling segments in the market, and the excitement is only getting started. With relentless research and development, pontoon technology is reaching new heights. Experience the thrill of more people, superior ride, and handling that surpasses all expectations.

So, whether you’re on the lookout for your next pontoon adventure or just eager to explore what’s fresh and fabulous in the ‘toon world, you’ve docked at the perfect destination! Below, our daring editors take you on a journey through a diverse array of new pontoons, empowering you as you embark on your quest for the ultimate boat experience.

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Video Walkthroughs & In-Depth Reviews

Pontoon boats have exploded in popularity for a reason. It’s a platform where you can bring your family on the water, they can relax in comfort, and everyone has a great view of the water from every seat. Pontoon hulls and layout continue to evolve, and Boating editors rate as a top source for this information. Our tech team of professionals boasts a combined two centuries of assessing boats and creating reports about them for a living.

So, what does this experience and dedication do for you?

  • One, it provides you with performance tests you can trust.
  • Second, you get insightful commentary that can only come from professionals who can view a given boat through three lenses: what it is in itself, how it compares to other similar boats, and where it fits in the universe of all boats.
  • Third, with the compilation of this annual Pontoon Boat Buyers Guide, our team of staffers and contributors gives you a means to compare a number of boats of the same type.

Featured Videos

Boat buyers have been relying on Boating’s boat tests since 1956. Crafted by a team of editors, themselves boat owners, each with decades of experience on the water testing boats, Boating boat tests and video walkthrough reviews provide the best and most trusted information available.


Boat Tests

Seeking a boat with the ability to carry the most people, in the most comfort, for any given length? Buy a pontoon boat. Fitted with two or three, “logs,” or, “toons,” as the pontoons on which they ride are often called, these boats deliver high carrying capacity. The rectangular layout affords room for couches and lounges and just plain room to move around, that other boat types cannot offer at the same length. Most pontoon boats boast outboard power, with some multi-engine models capable of high speeds. Still, simple, modestly powered (and priced) pontoons are available from just about every builder. Still, again, many pontoons now come fitted-out with luxury, rivaling some runabouts in this regard.

Viaggio Lago V 16U running smoothly
Qwest E-Class Lanai LTZ cruising leisurely
Bennington 20 SF-SPS cruising
Bennington 22 SVSB-SPS cruising
Princecraft Vectra 23 RL running
Bennington 23 RX Sport Swingback out for a cruise
Manitou Explore 24 running
Starcraft RX 23 R DC on the water
SunChaser Calais 23 LR DH running
Viaggio Lago X24S running on a lake
G3 SunCatcher Elite 326 SE running on a lake
Tahoe 2585 Cascade running
Crest Caribbean Platinum 250 SLS running easy
Harris Cruiser 250 running
Sylvan G5 CLZ DC cruising leisurely
Montara Naxos on the lake
Bennington 27Q Fastback cruising smoothly
Harris Crowne 250 on the lake
Manitou Explore 24 MAX running fast
Avalon Excalibur LTD cruising wide open
Tahoe 2785 Grand Tahoe QLW out for a ride

Spotlight Boats

Sea-Doo Switch Cruise Limited 21 out cruising
Ranger Reata 223FC on the lake
Sun Tracker Party Barge 22 DLX cruising on the lake
Regency 250 LE3 running across the lake

More Boat Buying Resources

A boat purchase goes beyond just numbers on a performance chart. While you certainly want to pick the right boat for your boating style and location, consideration of dealer networks, financing options, the associated gear and electronics, and how to operate it safely also plays a part. Combine these resources with our tests to maximize your boat buying knowledge.

Boating has several guides geared towards helping you know what to look for when shopping for a boat.

Choosing the right dealer, getting financed and shopping smart all make for a better boat buying experience.

Safety and seamanship play into your intended use for a boat, and thus are considerations for what boat to buy.

The seller is not required to supply safety gear. But you are advised to be equipped with it. Learn more.