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Boat towing tubers

How to Bling Out Your Boat

Whether your craft is showroom-fresh—or maybe just needs a little freshening up—check out some of our favorite ways to bling out a boat.


Marine Accessories

For everything that’s not electronics or engine-related, the marine accessories section is filled with all the other products a boater might need for their vessel. From coolers to anchors to gaffs, and all the gadgets in between, marine accessories cover a whole collection of products. Some you may know about. Some you likely didn’t know existed. Come take a look at what marine accessories are available today.

Boating Lab

The Boating Lab is exactly what it sounds like. It is a place where our editors put new marine products through tests to determine their functionality, durability and other characteristics. Often, similar products from different manufacturers are compared, such as boating speakers or VHF antennas. Prices and features are considered when comparing different products too, so the most expensive product isn’t always the best option. Check our marine product tests today.