Infinity X1 5,000-Lumen LED Flashlight

Light up the night with the Infinity X1.
Infinity X1 flashlight
The X1 offers three levels of brightness. Courtesy Infinity

There are certain tools that adventurous boaters must have aboard at all times. That includes a powerful flashlight like the Infinity X1 5,000-­lumen model. This big torch reminds me of the ol’ Maglites, but it’s even better thanks to LED technology with three levels of brightness, extreme optical clarity, and a beam that adjusts infinitely from spotlight to floodlight with a turn of the lens housing. The spotlight carries for more than 200 yards. Hybrid power ­technology enables using a nine AA-battery cartridge or a rechargeable cell with a built-in USB cord so you can charge it on the boat. Both provide five hours of use. Four blue LED indicator lights keep you posted on remaining battery capacity. An aircraft-grade, waterproof aluminum housing features a nonslip knurled grip. I use this flashlight all the time when boating at night or to peek into the bilge to make sure all is shipshape. I would never leave the dock without it. $89;