2024 Freshwater Buyers Guide

The Freshwater Buyers Guide is back for the second year in a row. Below you’ll find boat reviews (pricing, specs and performance stats!), boat videos and product reviews.
Bass Cat Caracal STS rocketing across the water

The Freshwater Buyers Guide extends our renowned product testing and content creation skills to possibly the most engaged and well-informed niche audience globally: freshwater anglers.

Our staff and contributors annually test more than 100 different boats, powered by every type of propulsion ranging from diesel inboards to electric trolling motors. Our four seasoned senior staff editors possess a combined 190 years of boating expertise. Beyond our magazine and its associated social platform, we produce videos, author books and host events. At our core, we are anglers, boat owners and we love what we do.

Here you can access boat reviews and videos featuring performance data our editors collected firsthand, allowing you to compare boats and engines based on speed and efficiency (as you do year-round with our boat tests and other Buyers Guides). Whether it’s a boat review, a kayak review or an electronics review, you’ll discover the specs, pricing details and valuable insights that only result from content created by fellow boaters and anglers for their community.