2024 Starcraft Delta 188 DC Pro

The Delta 188 DC Pro is built to help you find and catch fish.

The Starcraft Delta 188 DC Pro is a multispecies aluminum fishing boat designed for the serious angler who wants to get after it in all kinds of weather. The Vertex Performance Strake hull tapers to 15 degrees at the transom, providing quick planing and strong rough-water capabilities while still ­allowing it to float in skinny water to get after those fish holding up in the shallow ­backwaters and bays.

Starcraft Delta 188 DC Pro running smoothly
The Delta 188 DC Pro stays balanced at higher speeds. Courtesy Starcraft Marine

In addition to the solid-performing aluminum hull, the bow casting platform takes advantage of the boat’s 8-foot beam to provide space for two anglers to cast and fish without getting into each other’s way. There’s plenty of in-sole storage up front, as well as an insulated livewell just in front of the port console.

The helm has space to mount an MFD for your electronics suite of choice. At the helm, the tilt steering allows you to adjust the wheel to your preference, all of the gauges are easy to read, and the CZone digital switches are right at hand for ease of use. A hidden slide-out ­drawer under the steering wheel holds up to three tackle trays.

Want to bring your entire quiver to a tournament? Between the consoles there’s a lockable rod-storage locker that has fully extended rod tubs for 8-foot rods. A second lockable rod locker sits underfoot to port in the main cockpit. The aft casting deck also offers premium fishing space, with another recirculating livewell built. In addition, a plug-in cooler can be added under the port console that can serve as an additional baitwell.

Starcraft’s Integrated Gunnel Track System extends from the transom all the way to the bow, so you can ­customize your accessories all around the boat. Add rod and cup holders, ­downriggers, additional electronics mounts, and more to the cache of gear that will help you catch more fish. And don’t overlook the additional storage compartment in the rear deck, which can hold tackle trays, life jackets, tools, and other gear that you might need on the water. Overall, the Starcraft Delta 188 DC Pro is a boat designed to get you to the fish and then help you catch them.

High Points

  • Full walk-through windshield keeps the crew protected from the elements.
  • Spacious bow casting platform is large enough for two people to fish simultaneously.
  • Integrated tracking system on the gunwales allows you to add rod and cup holders,  downriggers, electronics, and more.
  • The Delta in the name is for the 15-inch VPS delta pad on the hull, which, like with a bass boat, helps the boat get more lift out of the hole and keep balanced and tracking at higher speeds.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$39,984 (without engine)
Dry Weight:1,792 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity:7/900 lb.
Fuel Capacity:38 gal.
Available Power:

Starcraft Marine – New Paris, Indiana; 574-831-2950starcraftmarine.com