Boating Tips and Maintenance

Learn how to boat or find more in-depth boating tips, information on boating safety and more.

If you can fix your boat or engine on your own when it breaks, you can save yourself a wallet full of money. Removing and installing basic engine parts, electronics, fishing equipment, pumps, deck hardware, etc. doesn’t always require a boat mechanic or technician. Boating helps walk you through basic boat maintenance and installations, as well as do-it-yourself projects. How to clean mildew seats? How to repair your gel coat? How to troubleshoot your engine when it’s not starting? Let Boating help you with your boat projects.


Boat Maintenance

Boat Installations


No universal boat test details how boat captains should handle following seas. If the waves are large enough, accidentally surfing down the face of a following swell can be disastrous. For most, seamanship is learned via experience on the water. Boating can help shorten your learning curve. Covered in this section are some of the most popular seamanship topics, situations such as returning to shore in following seas or navigating a dangerous inlet.

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