2024 G3 Boats Sportsman 1710 PFX

The Sportsman 1710 PFX mixes excellent fit-and-finish with fishability.

G3’s Sportsman 1710 PFX fishes like an 18-footer and is nicely powered by Yamaha’s F90 outboard. G3 promotes it as a multispecies rig, and we think that it proves to have a knack for bass, crappie and, in most Northern lakes, walleye, pike and musky. Its sleek lines and shallow draft make it ideal for treacherous rivers, and in calmer ­weather, we’d chase walleye and pike on the big waters. It was originally designed as a crappie and panfish boat, G3 overshot the mark; it’s ready for buddy and club ­tournament competition as a bass hunter.

G3 Sportsman 1710 PFX running
The Sportsman 1710 PFX serves up a sure-footed ride. Bill Doster

The 1710 PFX is spirited, planing in 3.9 seconds and reaching 30 mph in 6 seconds. With a top speed of just over 40 mph, it’s plenty fast—especially when you’ll be passing just about every fuel dock. The F90 Yamaha barely feeds itself, with best-cruise mileage of 8.6 mpg (!) at 4,000 rpm and 29 mph, consuming just 3.4 gallons per hour. At that rate, the 21-gallon tank will take at least a weekend to empty. 

G3 Sportsman 1710 PFX casting platforms
The 33-square-foot bow casting deck means plenty of room to play fish. Bill Doster

G3 employs an all-welded hull made from 0.100-gauge aluminum. The hull is rigid and sure-footed as a result. We tested on varying conditions, from 2-inch wind chop to rough wakeboard and ski boat wakes, and the 1710 responded affirmatively with a solid, unrattled ride. Heavy helm input delivered sharp turns with some moderate banking and a little side-slipping to make it fun. G3 offers a variety of paint and graphics packages. Ours was a crisp, high-gloss white with offsetting textured gray vinyl interior—easy to clean and keep tidy. It’s also available in charcoal and midnight blue schemes. For the waterfowler, there are two mossy oak camo choices: shadow grass and breakup.

A 19-gallon bow livewell and ­33-gallon stern livewell ensure that your team catch will remain healthy on the way back to the dock. Locking dry-storage compartments feature rain-seal molded lips around the opening to keep contents dry. The console features an ­in-dash Humminbird Helix 5.

The 1710 is compact, but its wide beam offers good stability, and its trim weight on a custom trailer makes it ­easily trailerable with the family vehicle.

G3 Sportsman 1710 PFX cockpit storage
A 33-gallon stern livewell ensure that your team catch will remain healthy . Bill Doster

How We Tested

  • Engine: Yamaha F90 four-stroke
  • Drive/Prop: Outboard/Yamaha 13 1/2″ x 16″ 3-blade aluminum
  • Gear Ratio: 2.33:1
  • Fuel Load: 21 gal.
  • Crew Weight: 250 lb.

High Points

  • The 33-square-foot bow casting deck means plenty of room to play fish.
  • Fit-and-finish is excellent, especially at this price point. 
  • Built-in three-bank battery charger (two-battery is standard) is mounted for easy access.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$37,995 (as tested)
Dry Weight:1,080 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity:4/650 lb.
Fuel Capacity:21 gal.
Livewell Capacity:19 gal. (bow); 33 gal. (stern)

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

G3 Sportsman 1710 PFX performance data
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