Three Top Choices for Wakeboard Bindings

Trying to find the perfect pair of wakeboard bindings for your riding style or ability? Here are three you should consider.
Hyperlite wakeboard bindings
Riders have a wealth of choices for wakeboard bindings. Courtesy Hyperlite

Wakeboard bindings were once little more than a metal plate, minimal thickness of foam, and a rubbery strap to rein in your heel. Today there are a wide variety of supportive, boot-style binding choices on the market. Here are three aimed at beginner to expert riders.

Entry-Level: Hyperlite Remix

The Wrap: Designed to accommodate a variety of foot sizes yet still offer some degree of support, open-toe bindings such as the Remix are ideal when sharing a board among family and friends. Look for a molded EVA footbed, floating tongue, and dual lace zones that can open wide and then cinch down to separately secure your foot and ankle.

The Trap: Wide range of adjustability comes at the expense of individualized support and comfort. All but casual riders will likely be looking to upgrade to a more advanced binding.

Price: $249;

Midrange: Hyperlite Team X

The Wrap: A traditional plate-style binding that retains great range of motion, closed-toe ­bindings such as the Team X offer midrange support while still remaining somewhat sharable for riders of roughly similar foot length and ability. An internal ankle harness locks down the heel. Heat-moldable liners dial in the comfort and provide a more ­customized fit.

The Trap: Minimal size ranges means no more widespread sharing on the boat. Pricing substantially higher than entry-level offerings.

Price: $425; or $399;

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High-End: System Lowback Binding/Freepress System Boots

The Wrap: A boot/binding setup similar to snowboarding, System components offer exceptional feel and control. Bindings minimize toe and heel lift and are adjustable on the fly. Heat-moldable boots provide greater comfort and allow riders to stand directly atop the board without plastic or other hard material underfoot.

The Trap: It’s a significant high-end investment that’s not really shareable. Freepress boots offer less flexibility.

Price: System Binding $235; Freepress Boots $400;