2015 Water Sports Gear Guide

Over 100 boards, boots, skis, wakesurfers and more!

November 22, 2014


There are a few things to consider when selecting a new wakeboard. To help you with this process, we’ll define a few key terms and point out some features to look for when selecting your new board for the 2015 season. Once you’re up to speed on these features, we’ll help you whittle down your preferences based on the environment in which you plan to ride. See All Wakeboards >> Boating Magazine
2015 WGG Boots


When it comes to wakeboard boots, there is no one boot that is the best for everyone. There can, however, be a boot that is best for you specifically. That’s the beauty of this selection process. Your foot is unique, and when combined with your preferences and your riding needs, you can whittle down your options to a select few boots that will make your feet happy the entire time you are on the water. Let’s take a look at a few terms and features to look for when selecting your perfect pair of boots. See All Boots >> Boating
2015 WGG Pro Completes

Pro Completes

This section contains some of the best complete setups on the market. Just because they are sold together, that doesn’t make them “package” boards. These are high-end pro-model boards with pro-model boots that are styled together in a way that makes buying them together irresistible. If that wasn’t already motivation enough, these completes are offered at a discounted price when bought together. There has never been a better time to get fitted with your idol’s complete setup for the season. These boards and boots typically perform well together, look good together and sell well together. Have at it, folks! See All Pro Completes >> Boating
2015 WGG Packages

Package Wakeboards

If you are in the market for an entirely new setup, there are a few ways to go about this. You can either buy your gear a la carte, or buy a wakeboard and boots that are sold together as a package. There are a few reasons why buying a package setup might be the best route for you. If you are aiming to meet the needs of unequipped guests of a similar height, weight and foot size, or you have kids who are growing too quickly for their gear to keep up, this is the way to go. These package boards tend to have user-friendly shapes accompanied by boots that can be adjusted to fit multiple foot sizes. The second, and probably most obvious, reason is the price. To make it easier to get into the sport as an entry-level consumer, manufacturers offer a discounted price when you buy an entry-level board and boots together. These packages are usually paired by skill level, price point, size, gender and graphics. See All Package Wakeboards >> Boating
2015 WGG Skis

Water Skis

Constructed with state-of-the-art computer technology and aerospace-grade materials, today’s skis are the epitome of high tech. Although this technological evolution has greatly improved ski performance, it has also made ski design somewhat of a mystery to the average skier, which can complicate the buying process. So let’s keep it simple. Educate yourself on these five elements of ski design to help you make a more informed slalom purchase. With a better understanding of a ski’s inner workings, you’ll not only be better able to pick a ski that’s right for you, but you’ll also have an advantage to enhance your own on-the-water performance. See All Water Skis >> Boating
2015 WGG Wakesurfers


There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing the correct wakesurfer. The first is to decide the type of surfing you like to do. Do you want to go out and just carve and slaysh, or pop shuv-its? Keeping your body type in mind, as well as the buoyancy of the surfer, is very important since you’ll be riding at such low speeds. If the board will be used by all of your friends, keep that in mind as well. All you need to know should be in the gallery; then have happy hunting on the following slides. See All Wakesurfers >> Boating
Boating life jackets

Life Jackets

It’s called a life jacket for good reason — because it’s the most important type of gear you will ever don while on the water, regardless of water-sport discipline. Also known as a vest, a properly fitted life jacket with good flotation can not only save you from drowning during extreme measures, but it will also help shield your torso from violent crashes that wreak havoc on ribs and internal organs. While there are numerous life-jacket options geared toward a variety of water sports, the most important thing to remember is that the best life jacket is one you’ll actually wear. Here are few things to consider if you’re in the market for a new vest. See All Life Jackets >> Boating


Once you’re completely addicted to being on the water in whatever location of the country you might be in, you are bound to want to extend your season or start it a little earlier next year. How do you combat the chilly water? Look no further than the brands here that manufacture some of the best products to keep you comfortable, no matter the time of year. There is a vest or wetsuit for all types of water temperatures, so you can always stay comfy and cozy while riding. See All Wetsuits >> Boating


With the emphasis on fun and bonding rather than skill and athletic prowess, towables allow anyone to enjoy time in the wake of a boat. Whether it’s one of the many iterations of tubes now available, or one of the multipurpose boards like the Zup, towable toys ensure the young, the old, the laid-back (and yes, even the lazy!) can get wet and enjoy the day. Moreover, there are tubes rated to carry as many as eight riders, so when the family hits town for the annual reunion, you can get them all out together and in one session. Towables also make great sunning islands when you’re on the hook or at the sandbar. Check out our list of top towables. See All Towables >> Boating
Water-Sports Accessories

Water-Sports Accessories

While ropes, gloves and board racks all clearly fall into the realm of water-sports accessories, this category must also include a broader range of goods. Wearables, like sunglasses and footwear, help keep you in the mood, on and off the water, while providing a nonverbal means to inform all you meet about your lifestyle. Boat-maintenance products are essential to keep your ride running right and looking great. Yes, marine and water-sports accessories comprise a big world. We’ve narrowed down the choices to those we believe you should consider essential. See All Water-Sports Accessories >> Boating

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