2023 Moomba Boats

Moomba is the only brand in its class with the power, performance and standard features of more expensive competitors.

Moomba boats have a long history of offering great performance and on-water fun at more palpable price points. For 2023, the brand is bringing some incredible new features to the table. First up: the rear sun shade that’s super easy to attach and compatible with all Moomba Towers. The Gatorstep non-skid flooring is now being offered in concrete and wood grain patterns and to continue with a sleek look, you’ll now be able to match your tower shield. And say goodbye to ever having to wait your turn for a charge with the dual wireless charging locations that will be standard on all models except the Craz. 

2023 Moomba Mojo

The Moomba Craz is a 22-foot boat designed to bring a premier wave to a recreational surf crowd while still being able to entertain a crew on the water. It offers a lot of great amenities combined with a full-on ballast and surf system that produces a great wave on a midsize—and midpriced—watersports boat. It has a lot to offer for a family with surfers and boarders of all levels.

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Moomba Max

2022 Moomba Max

Length: 22’ 6"
Beam: 102”
Fuel Capacity: 65 gal.
Seating Capacity: 17
Dry Weight: 4,500 lb.

Moomba Craz

2022 Moomba Craz

Length: 22’
Beam: 102”
Fuel Capacity: 49 gal.
Seating Capacity: 16
Dry Weight: 4,200 lb.

Moomba Makai

2022 Moomba Makai

Length: 24’ 5”
Beam: 102”
Fuel Capacity: 60 gal.
Seating Capacity: 18
Dry Weight: 5,200 lb.

Moomba Kaiyen

2022 Moomba Kaiyen

Length: 21’ 5”
Beam: 102”
Fuel Capacity: 45 gal.
Seating Capacity: 15
Dry Weight: 4,500 lb.

Moomba Mondo

2022 Moomba Mondo

Length: 20'
Beam: 102”
Fuel Capacity: 39 gal.
Seating Capacity: 13
Dry Weight: 4,000 lb.

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