All Aboard Boats: Antifouling Comparison Part 6 - 5 Days in the Drink

See what 5 days in the water has done to our test panel.

I pulled the test panel after five days in the water. Both Interlux Pacifica Plus (center) and Pettit Hydrocoat (left) have repelled both critters and plants. Easy On Bottom Coating (right) is at the nominal limit its manufacturer recommends for sustained submersion.

At five days, the portion of the test panel coated with Easy On is coated with a thin layer of slime that can be felt, though the camera can’t pick it up. There are also the beginnings of plant fouling, evidenced by faint brown spots, which can be seen if you save the image and zoom in on it. The slime and browning came right off with a scrub brush, just as the manufacturer claimed it would. Will it stand up to repeated scrubbings and submersions? Check back and see!

For comparison, here’s a shot of the uncoated edge of the test panel. You can see that fouling has already gained a strong foothold on this unprotected fiberglass.

After scrubbing the Easy On section, I blasted the Pacifica Plus and Hydrocoat sections with a hose for three minutes. This is to simulate the “washing action” of a boat moving through the water — ablative paints wear away as a boat moves through the water, exposing fresh biocide.