Axis A20 Wakesurfing Review

The Axis A20 puts out a plus-size wakesurf wave.

Length: 20' | Beam: 98" | Fuel Capacity: 42 gal. | Seating Capacity: 11 | Dry Weight: 3,500 lb. | More Information: axiswake.comAxis Wake Research

The littlest brother in the A-series line, the A20 can do a lot for its smaller size, including putting out a plus-size wakesurf wave.

What You Get
Thanks to a solid stock ballast system and Surf Gate, the A20 puts out a surprisingly big wave for its size, even with just a driver and spotter on board. Our test boat was equipped with a standard Wedge rather than the Power Wedge, so we opted to leave it up to keep the wave cleaner. The shape is more mellow and moderate, but it can suit a variety of riding styles. If you like tweaking your wave's shape, you should opt for the Power Wedge.

Who It's For
The A20 suits wakeboarders and wakesurfers who like the convenience of a smaller boat. For wakesurfers specifically, the wave's moderate shape is manageable — neither too steep nor too mellow.

Our Favorite Things
Surf Gate. It shines on a smaller boat like the A20 and creates a sizable, fun wave. Comfort. Despite being just 20 feet long, the A20 is comfortable and you don't feel cramped. Size. There are advantages to smaller boats, and the A20 has a number of them for those who might not want or need a larger boat.

Axis A20 Wakesurfing ReviewWBM

Our Surf Settings
Speed: 11.0 Crew: 2 Ballast: Full Available Ballast User Settings: Surf Gate Engaged, Wedge Not deployed