BBlades OB/F Propeller

A performance wheel for your big outboard.

Looking for a performance wheel for your big outboard? Check out the OB/F from BBlades. The four-blade stainless-steel propeller comes in a variety of diameter and pitch combinations. You can get a 14.75" diameter version in one-inch pitch increments from 21" to 32" or go with a 15" diameter and one-inch increments from 33" to 37". The OB/F is designed with a custom-tuned exhaust tube that reduces drag, improves trim reaction and aids time to plane. The 7/8" tunable exhaust vents with plugs to allow a boater to customize the necessary propeller ventilation for his specific setup. The OB/F can be used with any outboard from 150 to 300 hp in a single propeller application. Once the final prop dimensions are agreed to, BBlades finishes the OB/F to a polished appearance so it looks as good as it runs. And it better for a retail price of $797.