Bel-Ray High-Performance Marine Oil and Fuel Filters

Protect your engine with high-performance marine oil and fuel filters.

July 27, 2017
Bel-Ray Marine Filter
Bel-Ray High-Performance Marine Oil and Fuel Filters Bel-Ray

With summer boating season in full swing, total-performance lubricant manufacturer Bel-Ray has a line of high-performance marine oil filters and water-separating fuel filters to help maintain boats equipped with imported or domestic inboard, sterndrive and outboard marine engines and personal watercraft.

“Oil and fuel filters may seem like small items, but both play an extremely important role in boats and personal watercraft. A clogged or poorly working filter can mean the difference between spending the weekend on the water versus at the repair shop,” said Jim Self, general manager of Bel-Ray, Marine Division. “We designed these filters to provide the same unparalleled level of protection and performance as our line of marine lubricants and service products.”

Engineered for unmatched performance and protection, Bel-Ray Marine Oil Filters feature a high-efficiency arch-pleated, prescription-blend filter media to remove dirt and particulates from engine oil — as little as 25 microns in size — to prevent accelerated wear of internal engine components and bearings. Extensive SAE J806 testing has shown that Bel-Ray oil filters capture and hold up to 45 percent more dirt than those from leading competitors. The marine filters also feature a heavy-duty steel canister with a fluted closed end for ease of removal using an oil-filter wrench. In addition, the filter canister features a dedicated space to write the date of service to help boat and PWC owners track service intervals.


A clean, water-free fuel system is also critical to the performance, reliability and fuel economy of marine engines. Bel-Ray marine water-separating fuel filters feature a high-efficiency 10 microns to capture dirt and debris from fuel systems and prevent them from clogging fuel injectors and fuel passages in carburetors. Furthermore, the filters help prevent costly engine problems caused by water contamination by removing water from the fuel before it reaches the engine. This is especially important with today’s ethanol-blended fuels, which attract and absorb water due to the hydroscopic properties of ethanol. Each Bel-Ray water-separating fuel filter comes complete with mounting brackets to replace corroded existing brackets and to allow installation on applications not previously equipped with a fuel-water separator.

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