Berkley Trilene Maxx

Maxximum Tension

Berkley Trilene MAXX $10 to $12 • Berkley Trilene XL and XT have been staple lines for decades; XL provides maximum castability, XT maximum toughness. Could both be made obsolete by the new Trilene Maxx, which is designed to offer the best of both worlds? To find out if it delivers, I spent a day casting 12-pound test for largemouth bass through stump- and timber-infested waters. First, castability: Flinging soft plastics a country mile was no problem. Is it every bit as limp as the old XL? It was close. After dragging the line across branches and stumps all day, it proved its toughness is at the top of the class. Bottom line? You may still want to specialize your line choice when you need to gain every razor-thin edge, but taken as a whole Maxx is perfect for the single-spool angler.