Best Fishing Boats of 2017

Check out some of the best fishing boats for 2017.

There are over 30 million fishermen in the United States (and millions more in the rest of North America and worldwide). Each of these anglers may possess their own individual idea of what constitutes the ultimate fishing experience. The fishing boats presented here reflect that diversity.

Bass Cat Jaguar Review
Bass Cat JaguarBass Cat

Bass Cat Jaguar
There is a new surge of interest in serious bass fishing, and as a consequence, a renewed emphasis on styling up new tournament-ready bass boats. The Jaguar is Bass Cat's latest model and the finest extension of its performance DNA.

Belzona 325 Center Console Review
Belzona 325 Center ConsoleBelzona Marine

Belzona 325 Center Console
When Belzona introduced its first center console a few years ago, its slide-to-open boarding doors proved to be one of the most intriguing innovations we'd seen. Today, with the 325 Center Console, that still holds true.

Boston Whaler 320 Vantage Review
Boston Whaler 320 VantageBoston Whaler

Boston Whaler 320 Vantage
Recipient of the National Marine Manufacturers Association 2015 Innovation Award, the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage is at once a capable fishing machine and a fully appointed day-cruiser.

Boston Whaler 420 Outrage Review
Boston Whaler 420 OutrageBoston Whaler

Boston Whaler 420 Outrage
Our 2015 Boat of the Year, the Boston Whaler 420 Outrage, led the pack in the new trend toward oversize center consoles — outboard-powered boats that can essentially replace the traditional inboard express fisherman. Here in 2017, it still leads the pack as a standout boat.

Carolina Skiff 24 Ultra Elite Review
Carolina Skiff 24 Ultra EliteCarolina Skiff

Carolina Skiff 24 Ultra Elite
The Carolina Skiff 24 Ultra Elite is a coastal fishing boat with enough creature comforts to make it more than family-friendly. If it were a car, you'd call it a crossover vehicle. As a boat, you'd simply say it's versatile.

Century 24 Resorter Review
Century 24 ResorterCenturion Boats

Century 24 Resorter
The outboard-powered 24 Resorter offers a deep-V fiberglass hull and a dual-console interior that lets families enjoy watersports, offshore fishing and day-cruising in comfort.

Charger 210 Elite Review
Charger 210 EliteCharger Boats

Charger 210 Elite
The new 210 Elite improves on Charger's reputation by borrowing from the strongest traditions in bass boats absent since brands like Champion left the building.

Everglades 273 CC Review
Everglades 273 CCEverglades Boats

Everglades 273 CC
There is a new definition of bigger and better among boaters. That new truth is exemplified in the Everglades 273 CC, and it's this: More versatility means bigger, not necessarily longer and more horsepower.

G3 Angler V17 SF Review
G3 Angler V17 SFG3 Boats

G3 Angler V17 SF
The Angler V17 SF is meant for serious fishermen who ply choppy waters and often venture out in inclement weather. A full windshield shelters the cockpit from breeze and rain, while the high freeboard handles chop and protects from spray. A stout, high transom avoids backsplash when back-trolling and handles a kicker.

Grady-White Freedom 235 Review
Grady-White Freedom 235Grady-White

Grady-White Freedom 235
Dual-console boats, like the Grady-White Freedom 235, are one of the fastest growing runabout styles on the market. For starters, they capitalize on the new enthusiasm for outboard power and its easy maintenance.

NauticStar 2602 Legacy Review
NauticStar 2602 LegacyNauticStar Boats

NauticStar 2602 Legacy
Big, comfortable and ready to fish, the NauticStar 2602 Legacy's one-piece, molded and foam-filled stringer system is tougher than those made of components, the company says. Spaces between elements of the stringer skeleton are also foam-filled for flotation, sound dampening and vibration reduction.

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Review
Pathfinder 2500 HybridPathfinder Boats

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid
Pathfinder has labeled its new 25-footer as the 2500 Hybrid, with "Hybrid" meaning this fabulous new boat is equally at home whether you are chasing redfish or trout in the bay, stripers or tarpon in the pass, or false albacore or cobia in coastal offshore waters.

Ranger 1880 MS Review
Ranger 1880 MSRanger Boats

Ranger 1880 MS
Fishermen's angling expectations are as varied as their color preferences for boats. When we saw our Ranger 1880 MS test boat paired with an Evinrude G2, it hit a home run in both style and fishability.

Ranger 198P
Ranger 198PRanger Boats

Ranger 198P
Ranger took its game up a notch over the competition by adding a pad (that's the "P" in 198P) on the keel near the transom to make this aluminum boat perform like a fiberglass bass boat. And it worked, too, as our tests revealed.

Ranger Z185 Review
Ranger Z185Ranger Boats

Ranger Z185
Ranger's Z185 might be a bargain in terms of cash, but it represents no shortcuts in terms of ownership satisfaction. The pad hull steps up on top when skimming over the water, hitting mid-50s on the speedo. When it crosses wakes, it holds its ground, skipping over them with minimal sideways rocking.

Regulator 31 Review
Regulator 31Regulator Boats

Regulator 31
Like its fleet mates, the new Regulator 31 first took shape on the drawing board of naval architect Lou Codega, a master of the modern deep-V hull. As our daylong sea trial running the inlets of New Jersey — and fishing the Atlantic beyond — proved, this newest Regulator lives up to the reputation the boats that have come before it built.

Scout 215 XSF Review
Scout 215 XSFScout Boats

Scout 215 XSF
Scout has always stood for continued innovation, high-quality builds and unique solutions to challenges great and small as they practice the art and execute the science of boatbuilding. Those attributes make this South Carolina boatbuilder stand out from any boat-show fleet. The new 215 XSF carries on that tradition, providing big-boat performance, clever thinking, excellent use of space, and a confident ride in a compact 21-foot package.

Sea Chaser 26 LX Review
Sea Chaser 26 LXCarolina Skiff

Sea Chaser 26 LX
Carolina Skiff's motto for its Sea Chaser line is to combine family, fishing and fun. With the new 26 LX, the company did exactly that, producing a center console bay boat that can handle hardcore fishing duty yet keep the family comfortable on a leisurely cruise.

Wellcraft 262 Fisherman Review
Wellcraft 262 FishermanWellcraft

Wellcraft 262 Fisherman
The new 262 Fisherman center console model from Wellcraft boasts a remarkable amount of tackle stowage, including a row of six rod holders across the transom, two holders abaft the helm seat, and five vertical holders across the back of the optional hardtop.