Biggest Robalo Ever Debuts at Miami Boat Show

The R317 is a dual outboard powered dual console.

Robalo pulled the sheet of its biggest boat ever today, during a special event at the 2017 Progressive Miami Boat Show.

The R317 is a dual console powered by twin outboard engines. Check out these preliminary photos and specs and look for our in-depth, certified boat test here at

Robalo R317
Robalo R317 : the biggest Robalo Boat ever.Robalo
Robalo R317 transom seating
Robalo R317 features convertible transom seating.Robalo
Robalo R317 specifications and helm.
Robalo R317 specifications and helmRobalo
Robalo R317 cockpit views
Robalo R317 cockpit viewsRobalo
Robalo R317 accomodation plan
Robalo R317 accomodation planRobalo