Black Versus White Caulk

When should you use black caulk?

Tip of the Month December

White caulk is the first color most DIY boaters reach for when resealing a hatch or fitting aboard their boat. After all, white matches most boats. But consider that white caulks begin to look grey as grit and sand become impregnated into the cured caulk over time. Additionally, many caulks mildew and look terrible because of it. Bottom line: White caulk often doesn’t blend in for very long.

Enter black caulk. It's subject to the same grit and the same mildew than can discolor white caulk. Except it doesn’t show these maladies anywhere as flagrantly as white does.

Is black caulk the answer for every DIY boat project? No. We just think the reasons behind the use of contrasting caulk should be part of the decision-making process of your next project.