Boat Adhesive Residue Removal Tip

A free, scratch-free scraper for boaters.

June 10, 2015

Whether you bought a boat, are changing a boat’s name, or simply replacing old, battle-scarred bootstripe, you might like this tip. Most boat striping, stickers, and decals succumb to a heat gun and some peeling. Its the adhesive residue left behind that can often be the real chore to remove.

Tip for removing boat striping adhesive residue

A solvent like denatured alcohol or acetone proves useful, but you’ll need to arm yourself with a scraper as well. Razor blades and carbide scrapers often scratch or gouge fiberglass. Instead use a credit card or other plastic card. As shown, it speeds the job without damaging the fiberglass…and it’s the perfect use for those free card junk mail offers.


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