Boat Buyer’s Guide 2012: Ranger Boats

## Ranger Boats


Committed to consistently delivering the ultimate ownership experience, Ranger Boats is a world-renowned manufacturer of quality freshwater and saltwater fishing and recreational boats. Decade after decade, from the fast-paced drama of America’s toughest tournament trails to quiet, welcome respites with family and friends, the schooled hands of skilled Ranger craftsmen have consistently focused on building the highest quality, strongest performing boats on the water. It’s a legacy that never wavers and you’ll see that extraordinary commitment in the deepest parts of every Ranger boat.

Inside each hull, Ranger uses exclusive Zone-Tempered Fiberglass Layup® standards along with a special woven roving weave and additional layers of omni-directional fiberglass, chine rope and other custom reinforcement for optimum strength, resilience and confidence.


Ultimately, it’s why every Ranger is awarded our Best Built-Best Backed warranty and why, from deck to hull, real leadership is still built one layer at a time.

With more than 30 different models and five different series, Ranger carries a passion for perfection and attitude of innovation that continues to set the industry’s highest standards. For more details, visit them at



Z520 Comanche®
Take charge of your time on the water with the ultra-smooth ride and responsive handling of the Z520 Comanche®. Whether you’re standing on the gunnel or leaning on the throttle, it’s the power to do more than just follow your dreams… now you can Run With Them!


Boat Specs

  • LOA: 22’4″
  • Beam: 95″
  • Draft-Drive: 20″
  • Fuel Capacity: 58
  • Max Power: 300

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