Boat Engines


Outboard Engines

When buying an outboard engine or repowering your boat, there are plenty of questions to consider. Should I buy two-stroke or four-stroke engines? Are two engines better than one? Are three engines better than two? What size outboard do I need? How do I make sure not to underpower my boat? In most cases, the largest outboard makes the most sense. Powering your boat with as much horsepower as it’s rated for is often the best idea. Check out the newest engines on the market today.

Inboard Engines

Inboard engines are built to last. Outboard engines are definitely more popular with small-boat owners, but for the larger cruisers and sport fishers, inboard engines are second to none. An inboard engine’s better fuel efficiency, coupled with a mate’s ability to handle large fish around the transom, make inboards the only option for big-game tournament fishing. The inboard engine’s weight, centered and low, produces easier motion when drifting or cruising.


Boat Engine Maintenance and How-To

Scheduled maintenance on your boat’s engine is a fact of life. The ability to maintain your motor, do the scheduled maintenance yourself, and even fix and replace basic parts is a valuable skill for a boater. Sure, you can take your boat into the shop for an oil change, or to replace a fuel filter, but it can get expensive quickly. Plus, your boat can end up spending as much time at the shop as it does on the water. Let Boating help with its extensive list of maintenance and how-to articles. If you want to make the jump into regular boat maintenance, we can teach you how to fix the most common motor troubles you’ll come across.