MasterCraft X-80 2008


How did a yacht get into this boat guide? At more than 28 feet long and 9.5 feet wide, the MasterCraft X-80 is simply huge, the biggest boat we’ve tested. Boasting features that seem foreign to water-sports boats — like an enclosed head and a full wet bar — this boat is an all-around family fun boat that can tackle open water as well as bigger lakes. There’s room for 15, so it excels as a day cruiser, and it’s powered by twin engines — again, the only wakeboard boat in this magazine that can say that — so it’s no surprise that the wakes are so big, they’re scary. We loved testing the X-80 out mainly because it’s just so different than any other boat on the market.



Wet bar

A freshwater sink and optional fridge seems more at home on a center-console cruiser, but is a great unique feature on a wakeboard boat.

Passenger lounger


The lounge across from the driver can be configured forward or rear-facing, depending if the day entails riding or cruising.


Dry weight: 6,200 lb.


Draft: 29 in.

Storage: 77 cu. ft.

Passengers: 15


Load cap.: 2,300 lb.

Fuel cap.: 100 gal.

Length: 28’3”

Width: 9’6”

Test measurements

Bow: 42 sq. ft.

Floor to tower: 6 ft. 4 in.

Gunwale height: 3 ft.

Main lounge: 82 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 25 sq. ft.

Platform: 18 sq. ft.

Standards Checklist

Engine: Indmar RTP-1 5.7L, 310 hp (2)


Top features

Ballast 500 lb. total

(2 rear tanks, 250 lb. each)


Stainless steel

Tower collapse


Driver’s seat


Gas fill

Single port

Test analysis

Location: Lake Sheen, Florida

Elevation: 100 feet

Air temp.: 84°

Water temp.: 81°

Humidity: 48%


Whether you’re tackling these wakes at 65 or 75 feet out, prepare for big and prepare for steep. It’s kind of hard to compare it to traditional wakes, as it’s more of a unique big-water experience all unto itself. Flying between these huge swells is a really crazy experience, one that might be too hard-core for younger riders. It sure is fun though.

Overall: Riding these wakes is exciting, unique and might make you feel like you’ve shrunk.


With twin 400 hp upgraded engine (310 standard) and OJ 13.7×19.5 four-blade prop

To 30 mph: 6.5 sec., 161.2 ft.

To 36 mph: 8.4 sec., 250.2 ft.

Top speed: 54 mph, 5,100 rpm


Bow rise: 23 degrees during typical acceleration. The X-Pod dash is fairly high and the sheer length of the bow itself is unusually long, so the standard bolster comes in handy.

Tracking: We’re not sure how big you’d have to be to pull this thing off its track, but we’d seriously consider hitting up a diet.

Turns: The X-80 is moderately nimble and maneuverable for a boat of this size.


Gs crossing wake at 22 mph: 1.1

The big-water design and solid MasterCraft construction gave it a smooth feel.