Boat Rigging Tips From Livorsi Marine

On its 25th anniversary, the company founder offers these nine tips.
Livorsi Marine Rigging Tips
The marine accessories installation tips presented here helped make this Livorsi-rigged helm station possible.

Livorsi Marine is celebrating 25 years as the manufacturer of the most popular gauges and marine accessories in the performance boat market. Company founder Mike Livorsi wanted to do something nice for the boating community in commemoration of the event. Check out these gauge installation and rigging tips from an industry veteran.

•Any new holes to be cut in gelcoat or dash panel must be taped to prevent chipping. Place a piece of wood behind panel prior to drilling for support and to prevent blowout.

•Slow steady pressure is the key to drilling the perfect hole. If applicable a drill press can be used. Lubricant (mineral oil, wax) for plastics or cutting fluid for metal can facilitate the process.


•Turn off all power to the panel instruments.

•Take plenty of picture of the existing panel for future reference.

•Make sure all gauges are working prior to removal. Repair or replace malfunctioning ones to avoid chasing electrical problems later.


•Ensure that all wires are labeled before removal. Using masking tape and a Sharpie marker is a good solution. Livorsi Mega and Race Series gauges have Deutsch connectors, so once wires are butt connected it’s a matter of plug and play. This is also a good time to organize wires.

•Whether rearranging existing gauges or adding new ones, create a mock-up on cardboard to confirm location and fitting.

•Add wires and install required senders if applicable.


•Turn the power on and start the motors to insure all gauges are functional.