Not every boatbuilder is willing to cut one of their boats in half to prove its seaworthiness. Yet, that’s what Boston Whaler did, and continues to do, to drive home the point of the Unsinkable Legend. However, before a Whaler can be cut in half it’s built to the highest standards, and that starts with a tried and true lamination process.

Boating Blueprint: Boston Whaler's Lamination
It all starts with Boston Whaler's proprietary closed-cell foam.Chris Balogh
Boating Blueprint: Boston Whaler's Lamination
The foam expands to fill every inch of space between the inner liner and hull.Chris Balogh

The foundation is a proprietary closed-cell foam that fills all of the space between the hull and inner liner. This Unibond construction provides increased buoyancy, and Boston Whaler’s skilled team of boatbuilders keeps a close eye on the process as each boat is filled. Some of them have been building Whalers for 40 years.

Boating Blueprint: Boston Whaler's Lamination
A close eye is kept on this process since it's the foundation of every unsinkable Whaler.Chris Balogh
Boating Blueprint: Boston Whaler's Lamination
Whaler employees have a wealth of knowledge about building quality boats.Chris Balogh

That attention to detail, combined with exceptional boatbuilding techniques results in a craft that can withstand the toughest boating conditions.

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