Boating Community

Enjoy a lifetime of boating with the right dealer.

Becoming a new boater means joining a new community. Some boaters like solitude and boating solo, and some prefer to load up a big crew of family and friends to enjoy a lively harbor. Either way, when you are a boater, you belong.

Some sports and activities talk about ‘retention’ like their participants need constant courting. Boating is not like that. Boaters may get new vessels on a regular basis, but they will always be boaters.

And why not? Through boating, families are nourished, friendships are launched and people celebrate old bonds. As a boater, stresses fade away when enjoying time with people they love and who share a common bond.

Communities form among boaters. Sometimes it’s people with boats of the same brand or size or type or similar interests, such as fishing, cruising or skiing. Maybe the connection to the boating community is a home port or favorite destination. Some boating communities are more formal with clubs and organized events. Others connect more spontaneously for a fun day on the water.

Making the community connection is key in the boating world. By asking around and watching for postings at marinas, new boat owners will find a community in which they have similar interests. Finding those individuals and hanging out with them is only part of the fun for new boaters.